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The Journey To NORWAY

Bro. Keith has been traveling to NORWAY since November, 1999. In July, 2012 he was there for Summer Conference in Tønsberg. By the end of the trip he was feeling like NORWAY was home and wasn't ready to return to the US. In October, 2012 when he was there for a conference and the Home-going Celebration of Bro. Rolf Auke, again he felt more at home in NORWAY than the US. In January, 2013 it was settled in his heart he was to transition to NORWAY to reach Scandinavia, Europe and other parts of the world from there. He had to return to the US on July 25 to apply for a work/resident permit to live and travel from NORWAY to reach the nations with God's amazing love. Once the visa is approved, he'll be making the move to NORWAY. If you would like to help him through this transition to reach the nations from NORWAY, you may do so at the partner center.

Music On iTunes

Bro. Keith's CD's are now available on iTunes. You may go to the Product page where you'll find the links to preview and purchase his music. You may also purchase the actual CD's to be shipped to you.

Video Updates

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