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NORWAY…, HOME at last…!!!

After ELEVEN MONTHS of waiting, Keith's visa was FINALLY approved for NORWAY. The ministry is now located in NORWAY as of 28 aug, 2014. In addition to doing church meetings, conferences and teaching in Bible Schools, he'll be working closely with Stig Lindell of Lindell Productions. Keith, Anette and Stig will be doing concert tours all over Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. The word he has in his heart for this next phase of life & ministry is, "IMPACTING THE CULTURE OF SCANDINAVIA, EUROPE & THE WORLD WITH GOD'S AMAZING LOVE!!!"

If you have questions, need prayer or for scheduling events, please send an e-mail to info@keithholladay.com.

Music On iTunes

Keith's CD's are available on iTunes. You may go to the Product page where you'll find the links to preview and purchase his music. You may also purchase the actual CD's to be shipped to you if you prefer.

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